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What is The Mystery Game? It is interactive entertainment at its best, whether for education and training programs or strictly recreational purposes. The Mystery Game, a company specializing in personalized, mystery dinner parties, started 21 years ago. Then we added We, The Jury, audience participation multiple-jury jury trials. When we premiered Vinnie & Angela's Wedding, we added the umbrella name of Fun-in-a-Million to incorporate our new, non-mystery format. We continued in this direction, providing Games & Trivia, Scavenger Hunts, and other personalized entertainment. And for the corporate sector, we included team building, training, and communication workshops. The Mystery Game and Fun-in-a-Million provide everything from customized, one-man mystery shows, to uproarious mock weddings, from educational speakers to interpersonal relations trainers, from interactive shows for intimate small group gatherings to large scale events as recreational activities or for employee or customer recognition.



Planning a special party? Haven't a clue what to do? Just pick the crime scene, invite your best friends and closest enemies, and we'll execute the rest! Witness a crime, review evidence, and question suspects in an attempt to uncover the guilty party! Whether it's an intimate, private celebration or a large corporate or small business gathering, THE MYSTERY GAME can make your event a truly special one!

We, The Jury

We, The Jury is a live, audience-participation jury trial in which guests hear evidence, and cross-examine several defendants charged with the same crime. Each suspect is tried by a separate jury. And we've done away with the lawyers! After deliberation, you decide on the guilt or innocence of the defendants. Bailiffs, stenographer, and court artist are chosen from the audience. A world premiere form of entertainment!!--it's the newest form of amusement anywhere! The Boston Globe said: We, The Jury is Delicious Fun! Judge for yourself!

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